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  • Wraptious Interview - Narissa Davidson



    Narissa Davidson came to Wraptious through our Make it in Design Brief, which challenged students to come up with a cushion design inspired by Science and Space. We loved her cute alien designs, and her work has been added to our website for the next six months. We asked her some...

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  • Wraptious - Farewell to 2017!


    As we settle in to 2018, we thought we'd take a minute to look back on everything that's happened at Wraptious in 2017. It's been our busiest year to date, and things are only getting busier!

    Our move to the new mill space in Stockport was much needed...

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  • Artist interview: Sharon Salt



     Sharon Salt first came to Wraptious during the one of our biannual competitions, and her work has been incredibly popular with our customers (especially those who own wire fox terriers!) Sharon is a very...

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  • Wraptious at the Mercury Music Awards!

    This week was an exciting one for Wraptious! We received a call asking us to provide cushions for the green room at the Mercury Music Awards in London...and an invitation to attend with complementary tickets!

    The organisers used 20 of Katherine’s Splatter designs, including her...

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  • Make it in Design Brief Winner - Crissie Rodda

    This season we set the students of Make it in Design a fun challenge - design a cushion based around the theme "Weird and Wonderful." We had some fantastic submissions, but finally managed to cut the shortlist down to 3 overall winners. This week, we interview winner Crissie Rodda to learn...

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  • Artist Interview with Kat Baxter

    When we first saw Kat Baxter's beautiful floral animals, we knew her work was something special. Our customers and stockists agreed, and last year she won our bi-annual Wraptious competition. Since then, she's expanded her range to include eleven botanical beasts (all individually named!) and her work continues to...

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  • Make it in Design Winner: Jackie Tahara


    Our next winner from the Make It In Design competition was Jackie Tahara. We loved Jackie's bold designs (and we think they look great on our cushions!) 

    Here's a little interview we did with Jackie where she tells us what's inspired her style and how she worked with our brief. 


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  • Autumn Competition - Opens 26th October!



    Da-dada-daaah! Our Autumn competition is nearly here! Once again we're looking for a talented artist to join our growing collective...could it be you?

    The theme this Autumn is cushions - we're looking for 3 designs we can add to our vibrant and eclectic collection. 

    All you need to do is...

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  • Wraptious Artist - Ros Dando


    This week, we're taking a look at the work of Rosalind Dando. Ros is one of our longest serving artists, signing up as a Wraptee when...

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  • Behind the Scenes: Making Cushions



    Last month, we took a little road trip to see our cushion manufacturers. They kindly showed us around, and let us watch our artists' fabulous images get turned into...

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