Artist Interview - Sophia Shaw


This week we got the chance to interview our most recent competition winner, Sophia Shaw! Originally from North Wales, she works in pen, watercolour and ink. Take a look at her newly added profile page too!

1) How long have you been painting for? What's inspired the type of drawings you do?
I have been painting and creating all my life really! I studied art full time after school in college and then went to university where I studied Illustration. I am inspired by the shapes, textures and patterns of the natural world. Since returning from a few years travelling back in November 2013, I have been really inspired by ideas of culture and identity, and have been creating personal work and map pieces which relate to this.


2) Who's your favourite artist?
I am inspired by soo many artists! Currently I am in love with the work of Romanian illustrator 'Aitch.' Her watercolour paintings are so colourful and beautiful! Another artist I love is Lucy Mclauchlan, I saw an exhibition of hers in London whilst I was a student. She has completely painted a whole room, walls, ceiling, drumkit! I am really inspired by the way she uses bold shapes and natural forms.


3) How long does it take to create an image? What's your process?
To be honest, I never time myself! A piece takes as long as it takes! I can never finish in one sitting, I always have to leave some bits and come back to them the next day with fresh eyes.

4) How often do you create a piece of work?
I literally paint or draw everyday! 

5) What's the best piece of advice you could give to someone trying to make a career out of art?
Make sure it's definitely something you want- it is not an easy industry to make a career out of, there is a lot of competition and the idea of being an artist is romanticised a bit; I surely fell for it's charms! Stay focussed and don't take knock-backs personally!

6) What's the most challenging aspect of being an artist?
Making a living...


7) What's the best way to get motivated?
Inspiration! Visit exhibitions, read other artists' blogs, go walking somewhere beautiful, travel and see the world.

8) Of all the work you've done, which piece is your favourite?
My owl paintings- I am so proud of them and I absolutely love owls. My partner and I actually collect owls, our van is full of owl ornaments, magnets, toys... I am thinking of exhibiting them all together eventually.

9) You'll know you've made it when….
There's a swimming pool in my giant garden ;) I would just love to see my work sold in shops all over the place. That would make me happy!

10) And finally, what three things could you not live without?
Tea, my pens, my friends.

Check out Sophia's work on Wraptious, or head to her own website for more information here!

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