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Sue Gardner

Living in the heart of the New Forest, Sue shares her interest in animals and nature through her art. A self-taught artist, Sue spends her spare time with her dogs and ponies.

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Sharon Salt

Sharon is a fibre artist based in the Staffordshire Moorlands, and uses a technique of 'needle felting' to create her sculptures. Her love of dogs shines through her work.

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Katherine Williams

Katherine loves to work with both watercolours and inks, and enjoys illustrating animals using a splatter effect. 2016 Gift of the Year winner for her range of splatter cushions!

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Liz Chaderton

Liz is a watercolour artist based in Berkshire, and hopes her paintings raise a smile, but also make you see again the animals that we so often overlook.

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Sophie Corrigan

Sophie is a freelance book illustrator and author from Lancashire. Her work usually features cute animals, and enjoys hanging out with her pet cockatiels in her spare time.

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Bex Williams

Bex is a charcoal enthusiast with a penchant for cute and furry animals. She enjoys being expressive and believes art should have attitude.

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Erica Sturla

Erica creates lively and vibrant scenes filled with people walking, fishing, skating, sailing, eating, walking the dog or just having a great time!

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Kat Baxter

Kat is a Scottish Artist whose drawings come from a love of flora and fauna. What were once Kat's doodles have now developed into her favourite style of drawing!

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