Marie Brown - Wraptious

Marie Brown!

Marie Brown's artistic journey began in her school years, where her natural talent for art led her to pursue an Art & Design Foundation Course. Despite excelling in drawing and being advised to consider a degree in Fine Art or Drawing, Marie ventured into the wider world, briefly exploring graphic design before finding her niche as an Embroidery Digitiser. This role, surprisingly akin to drawing but on a computer, allowed her to create intricate animal embroideries, marrying her love for art and animals.

Marie's passion for drawing rekindled over the years, and she began to realise her potential as an Animal Artist. Balancing her art with family life and her embroidery job, she started drawing commissioned pieces and selling prints. What began as a hobby evolved into a thriving side business. In 2020, Marie embraced her long-held dream, transitioning to a full-time artist. Now, she cherishes the fulfillment of turning her hobby into a professional pursuit, living her dream as an artist. View Marie's website.