Are you an artist looking to sell your work for the first time? Or perhaps introduce new products into your portfolio? Perhaps you're a business wanting some personalised products made?

Finding the right supplier can be difficult, and often costly if you are forced to order in large quantities. Enter Wraptious Bespoke!

Our bespoke service is a stepping stone to help you test the market with new products, without investing in huge quantities of each design. We're able to print as few as ten products printed with your artwork, so you can take them to your local market, sell them on etsy, or launch your range in a shop...without the hefty price tag. It's a great way to test what sells and what doesn't, and if your artwork flies off the shelves….(yay!) you can increase your order to match. Or take it elsewhere! No artwork fees, free UK shipping, and of keep the rights to your artwork 100% (we just print it!)

Want to give us a try? Contact our team at to get started