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  • Make it In Design - Interview with Simon

    We've mentioned in previous blogs what a great bunch the folks at Make It In Design are, and it's been fantastic to work with their students. Here's a fab interview they did with Simon for their most recent magazine issue.

    Tell us about yourself and your journey to...

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  • Our Thoughts on...Licensing


    We're always open to interesting opportunities to licence out our artists' designs, as it has been a great way for us to expand our market and artists' work into new regions and new products. Most of these opportunities have come about...

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  • Our Wraptious Competition 2017!



    The competition has begun! We are on the hunt for a new artist to join Wraptious; but why should you do it? Here's five helpful facts that might swing it for you...

    1) The winner gets to join our company! That means your work will be added to our website,...

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  • Artist Interview with Kat Baxter

    When we first saw Kat Baxter's beautiful floral animals, we knew her work was something special. Our customers and stockists agreed, and last year she won our bi-annual Wraptious competition. Since then, she's expanded her range to include eleven botanical beasts (all individually named!) and her work continues to...

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  • Make it In Design Winner: Jacqui Mulvagh

    Our final winner of the Make It In Design Wraptious brief was Jacqui Mulvagh. The designer, based on the Isle of Man, gets inspiration for her patterns whenever and wherever she can - even if it's on the school run or the way to work.

    How long have you been designing...

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  • Make it in Design Winner: Jackie Tahara


    Our next winner from the Make It In Design competition was Jackie Tahara. We loved Jackie's bold designs (and we think they look great on our cushions!) 

    Here's a little interview we did with Jackie where she tells us what's inspired her style and how she worked with our brief. 


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  • Make It In Design Winner: Darlene Seale


    Earlier this season, we were asked by the charming folk at Make it Design to set a design brief for one of their popular online courses. It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with one of the world’s leading online schools for pattern design, and a chance to discover...

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  • Supporting Artists & British Manufacturing - not Black Friday

    Three years ago I set up Wraptious to support emerging artists. There's always going to be more talent than opportunity but if we can do but a little bit to help then, well, yey! This has been my cornerstone, guiding my decisions ever since.

    I am deeply proud that all our products...

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  • Autumn Competition - Opens 26th October!



    Da-dada-daaah! Our Autumn competition is nearly here! Once again we're looking for a talented artist to join our growing collective...could it be you?

    The theme this Autumn is cushions - we're looking for 3 designs we can add to our vibrant and eclectic collection. 

    All you need to do is...

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  • 10 Top Tips to Survive a Tradeshow


    Trade shows are a fantastic way to get your products seen by (and into!) shops across the country, as well as gain valuable feedback about your product. They're also a great chance to meet like-minded creatives who...

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