Our Coaster competition winners!

We had some beautiful entries to our coaster competition this year - and more than ever before! Our four fabulous winning designs will be available to purchase from our website for the rest of the year - here's a little more about the talented artists behind them!


We love the fresh Spring colours in this design - simple but beautifully painted!

About Emma:

I live in Devon, and have painted since the age of four, encouraged by my parents. I've always had a love of flowers and art. I paint landscapes, botanicals, animals, and portraits.  I also draw illustrations.

What inspired your design?

My inspiration for the coaster design is the beautiful Magnolias in spring throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Favourite artist? It's difficult to choose a favourite artist as I have many, Monet would be top of the list as I appreciate the quality of light captured in his painting.

You can find Emma's design on our website for the rest of 2024!




We loved this imaginative and colourful tea party design, and the clever use of abstract shapes. 

About Kristine:

I'm an Australian artist and love painting with passion, positivity and colour bliss. With a background in design I have been a professional painter exhibiting for over 20 years. You can see more of my work at www.kristineballard.com 

What inspired your design?

'Make mine Mad!' comes from a series I call 'How do you like it?' This series was inspired by all the different ways we take our tea. No matter what socio-economic level you live in it's the same question. A cup of tea is the place we unite with conversation. This particular piece was inspired by the Mad Hatter's Tea Party. Full of crazy colour and twisted perspectives. Where colour fragments and images float within the picture plane.

Favourite artist? Oh I have so many. As a colourist I will always go for those artists who experimented in colour: Monet, Kandinsky and Van Gogh are just many of my favs. I'm a big fan of artists who help us see how colourful the world can be.

You can find and purchase Kristine's design on our website.




We love Olive's adorable and cheerful unicorn design!

 About Olive:

I am Olive, I love being outside with nature, making stuff with my family and being creative.

I love food and could eat all day!

What inspired your design?

I did my Unicorn picture because I LOVE  Unicorns, and have them everywhere.

Favourite artist?

My favourite artist is mum, I like to copy her pictures.

I want to make more stuff to sell like mum and Nana.

You can find Olive's design on our website for the rest of 2024!




We loved Lyra's patterned giraffe design and her use of colour! Lyra has also decided if she sells coasters on our website, she is going to donate the money to the neurological rehabilitation centre where her Dad is currently recovering from his recent stroke.


About Lyra:

My name is Lyra and I am 9 years old.  I really enjoy doing all types of art and I have almost run out of room at home to display it all!

What inspired your design?

I did my “Giraffe in the Jungle” design at a holiday art workshop where we experimented with inks and oil pastels.

Favourite artist?

My favourite artist is Keigh Haring because his creations are simple, colourful and effective.

You can find Lyra's design on our website for the rest of 2024!



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