The Tuesday Interview - with Meha Hindocha

For our Tuesday Interview this week, I've been speaking to one of our first artists involved with Wraptious, Meha Hindocha. Born and raised in Kenya, Meha now lives in Manchester, and has recently shifted her career to focusing full-time on her art. I was on the same graphic design course as Meha at Shillington College, and it was clear very early on of not only Meha's talent, but patient and dedication to her craft! Her work speaks for itself...

1) Hey Meha. You've had a busy 2013. I suspect you don't plan to rest - what's your plans for 2014?

Yes, 2013 was a busy year. No rest for the wicked. Lots of art... I've started a new range. Initially based on animals, which combine stencils and my illustrative style. They have a tribal feel to them and lots of bright colours...experimenting with the stencils means each piece is individual in the way it turns out. I've pencilled a few other ideas that are beginning to take shape gradually. This time I'll be working from the computer before moving the pieces on to canvas where I can incorporate some of my own style in to them. This is the first time I've done this so I'm excited to see how this project pans out. 

2) Do you have a favourite project you're working on at the moment?
A lot of my projects at the moment involve spray paint, experimenting with stencils, making marks and combining them all together using an illustrative technique. I don't have a favourite individual project but this is one of my favourite processes. There are elements of control as well as experimentation involved which suit me to the tee.

3) What does your workspace look like?
A creative mess. Organised chaos is probably a better way of putting it. Lots of art everywhere, from unfinished murals to sketches taped to the walls. My desk is pretty much filled with art material except where I need to draw.

4) You have so many styles Meha. Do you believe experimentation is necessary to remain fresh and individual as an artist?
I think you need to experiment in order to find a style / technique that suits you. Although thus far there has been a fair bit of variation in my work I think I've finally found a method that suits me but I absolutely plan on continuing to experiment with different materials and techniques whilst still bringing my illustrative style to the final piece.

5) Any artists catching your eye at the moment?
I recently went to see "The vanity of small differences' a Grayson Perry exhibition, the detail in the tapestries was astounding.

6) Where do you get your inspiration from?
I'm generally more inspired when I'm travelling. Although my work is influenced by things I read, works by other artists, places I've visited.

7) An finally, what one item would you take to a desert island with you?
My mac - with internet access of course.

Meha's work is available in our shop on cards, prints and funky gift wrap! Visit herprofile page.
Or to see more of Meha's work, visit her facebook page at

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