Artist Interview - Dejvid Knežević


 This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Dejvid Knezevic, an artist we discovered through our Autumn competition. We love his surreal, detailed drawings, and we were keen to know more about his original artistic style.

1) Which artists have inspired you the most?

Definitely my biggest inspiration has come from the work of M.C. Escher; I love the intricacies of his work, the mixture between the mathematical, rational, and geometric sides of his art, along with the mind-boggling twists in perception and perspective, all tied up with an underlying message of morality or psychology. I find his work to be truly perfect, highly inspirational, contemplative and strikingly beautiful.

2) Of all the work you've produced, which is your favourite piece?

My favourite one by far is one that I created for my girlfriend last year. It's a very long, highly detailed piece, which explores the themes of love, spirituality, connectivness and unity. I don't exactly have a title for it and it is a private piece, so I haven't showcased it anywhere, but I have shared it below.

3) How did you first start promoting your artwork? What tips can you give us?

I first started promoting my artwork online, through social media. I only really started doing that when I was accepted in the Faculty of Design in Slovenia, as that's when I gained enough confidence to share my work. Before that I did draw, paint and play music a lot, but I never dared to share it with anyone.
The only tip I can really give is probably one of the more cliche ones, but it really holds true: do what you love with no compromises, share it with people, and the right paths will open up. Just pursue your heart and keep going with it.

4) How often do you produce a piece of artwork?

I try to be as productive as possible, but I quite regularly fail. Because of the nature of my style, the high-detail takes up a lot of the time and I do tend to complicate it a lot more for myself by wanting even more detail and depth. But I try to make a piece a week.

5) What's the most challenging part about being an artist?

Honestly, finding steady work in this field. That is, for me, the most challenging part. I don't mind the work at all, I enjoy it with a passion; finding employment is the only thing that can be really difficult.

6) What do you love most about being an illustrator?

Freedom of absolute expression and the subsequent responsibility that comes with it. The creation of a new world, materializing something that only exists in your mind; these things are, for me, by far the most rewarding parts of being an artist. You have the complete right to do anything you want. But I also want my pieces to have meaning, which is why I'm quite strict with myself when it comes to the balance between freedom and responsibility.

7) What piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out?

 I think one of the most important things is just to keep going and not give up. Keep pursuing and trying and something will open up.


8) How do you create a piece of work? What's your process?

It really depends from piece to piece. Sometimes I get a clear vision of what I want to see; those pieces are the easiest and quickest. Sometimes a bit more research is required, and I research different symbols, compositions, techniques or getting the right paper. Once I figure that out, I will always start with a pencil sketch and then work over it with a Rotring Isograph, the thinnest one I have. Usually while I'm doing this, I'll have music playing behind me or documentaries.

9) What are you currently working on? And what can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Currently I'm working on my diploma, which focuses on illustration and philosophy, so I'm working a lot on that at the moment. But I'll also be creating more work; I have a lot of ideas floating in my mind, a lot of them involving typography and illustration combined, ambigrams, anagrams, and things like that. 

10) What's your biggest ambition?

To live a happy and fulfilled life with the person I love the most. 

11) And finally, what three things could you not live without?

1. My girlfriend Robynn
2. My family
3. Art (in all of its glorious forms)
You can check out more of Dejvid's work on Wraptious, as well as on his own website 

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