Our first Artists' Competition!

103 entries, 36 artists, 2411 facebook likes and dozens of sales. We were blown away by the interest in our first competition. Time, money, skill - whatever the reason, it's so inherently difficult for emerging artists to get their work 'out there'.

Therefore, we'll be doing it all over again in the Autumn! So make sure your pencils are sharpened, your Photoshop skills honed and you're ready! If you want to be the first to hear about our next competition, join our newsletter.

With the competition all wrapped up, we thought we'd welcome the winners to Wraptious.

Heather Thompson:
Heather is a Sheffield-based artist and nature lover. Her work is inspired by long woodland walks and the marvels of the natural world. Using art as catharsis, her pen drawings are completed in a single sitting and reflect her emotions at that particular moment in time, whether chaotic or calm. <View Heather's profile>

Alice Rope: 
Hailing from the Peak District hills, Alice is a Fine Art graduate and art teacher. She chooses to make artworks of birds due to the repetitious patterns and details in the feathers. Inspired by graphic novels and Japanese prints, she prefers to draw in a style that is just on the edge of realism, using mainly fineliners, inks, watercolours and acrylic paints. When she isn't drawing or painting, she enjoys playing Legend of Zelda and getting out and about, preferably to the beach. <View Alice's profile>

Oliver Kersh:
Oliver is a bit of a mysteriously chappy, and hasn't given too much away. We do know that he lives in Manchester and is occasionally seen at craft markets in the area. He has been experimenting with placing his photography on wooden canvases for the last couple of years, using different techniques to create a distressed, natural aged effect that looks really cool! <View Oliver's profile>

Want to take part? Watch out for our next artist competition in the Autumn, and be the first to hear of it by joining our newsletter

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