How to Win the Wraptious Competition


It's once again time for our biannual competition! We're asking artists to submit up to FIVE designs to us for a chance to become a Wraptious artist. The winner will have their work available to buy on our website, published in our trade magazine, and will be promoted by Wraptious for at least 2 years. PLUS, all 12 shortlist artists will get a fancy hamper of your own work on a selection of our products, and your work shared with all our 400+ trade customers! Boom! do you win?

We've put together some top tips to give you an upper hand.

1) Make sure your art works on a cushion. Yup, it's an obvious one - but very fine detail can get lost on the fabric we use. Big, bold images work best, so pick your designs wisely!



2) Submit a range. Think about how well your designs will look as a collection; shops rarely buy one stand alone product. They want a series of designs that will look great displayed together in a window, and will draw people into their shop.



3) Get people to like you. It doesn't matter if it's family, friends, people you work with, your doctor, your dentist, or strangers you've met on the bus -  get them on to facebook and tell them to like your work!

TIP: If you choose to share our post of your work, get your family and friends to like the individual images in that shared post (so we're able to see them and count them towards your points)

PLUS this year we'll be accepting 1 point for shares.



4) Sales *cough* are an excellent way to earn 50 points for each sale too



5) Spread the good news! Shout about it on facebook, instagram, pinterest, and twitter! Not only is this a great way to encourage people to give you likes - it's also a chance to show off your work on a genuine product that people can buy. Give us a mention on twitter/instagram @wraptious, and we'll always do our best to give you a like too.

 After more tips? Take a look at our other blog posts - How To Photograph Your Artwork and How To Scan Your Artwork


Want to enter? Head to our competition page to read more about it


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