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Where We Came From

It all started back in 2013 when Simon scribbled away on some post-it notes during a particularly dull office meeting. It shouldn't have gone any further than that - except some colleagues and Facebook friends suggested "they'd make great gift wrap". Just for fun, he decided to follow the advice and this whim became the beginnings of an arty journey that has led to where Wraptious is today.

The more Simon looked into creating his arty wrap, it became clear there isn't much supporting emerging artists. It's inherently difficult for anyone creative to make a name for themselves - there is far more talent than opportunity out there. What he wanted to do was create a platform that allows both artists to showcase and sell their work, and customers to enjoy it. To share the love! 

So taking a deep breath, in March 2013 Simon quit his London office-job career, ventured to the creative city of Manchester and enrolled in a graphic design course. Cool design is everywhere in Manchester, and it wasn't long before more artists were sharing their awesome work and the Wraptious community was born. With our first sale made at Castlefield Market in October 2013, we've come a long way in a short space of time - supporting artists who are looking for new avenues to share their work. It's an exciting journey, and we've only just begun...

Who We Are

We’re a growing community of over thirty artists who love to create and share innovative, awesome art. Painters, illustrators, photographers, work with typography, use lino or even glitter! It doesn't matter – if the work is cool and different, we believe it should be shared and enjoyed.

We started with gift wrap, and now have lots of other awesome colourful products too. The more we grow, the more we can support each other and bring exciting new talent, products and stories to you. We have large ambitions and ideas, want to challenge convention and will never stand still.

We’re proud of all our Wraptees and think their talents are exceptional. Though it’s thanks to you buying and believing in the work that Wraptious is able to promote independent art. By purchasing our wares, you are directly supporting the Wraptees who receive a share of each sale. How cool is that?! Rest assured we care about other things too. All our products are produced in the UK and on recycled or sustainable resources where possible. This is fundamentally important to us.

Where Are We Going?

We want our customers to continue enjoying new work. We want to make art more accessible. And we want to inspire all. We know we can't always get what we want, but we're quite stubborn!

We are also looking for new artists to join us by running competitions biannually inviting artists to upload their work which gets shared and voted on by the public. We think this is a lot fairer than us deciding what's hot or not! If you are a little arty or know anyone that is, our next competition runs in May 2018 and we'd love you to enter! More details on our competition page.

We sell to shops all across the UK and abroad, online and at the Christmas Markets in Manchester too. We feel privileged to be supported by so many great customers - all of them are amazing! We are always open to opportunities to work with other businesses. Feel free to contact us and we can have a chat, or come meet us at one of our many tradeshows we're attending in 2018: Harrogate, Spring and Autumn Fair. 

We don't want to give away all our secrets about new products and ventures, but rest assured we have some exciting things on the horizon we can't wait to announce soon! In the meantime, please, indulge yourselves. Be inspired. Enjoy.