Competition Instructions - Launching 14th July

What is the competition?

Since Simon launched Wraptious 6 years ago on a rainy market stall in Manchester, we're about providing a platform for artists. Our artists are stocked in hundreds of shops globally, been promoted in national publications, won Gift of the Year awards and even launched their own art careers (Shout out to Katherine Williams and Laura Clamp amongst others!)

Would you like to see your work developed into a giftware range? Our competitions are free to enter, you own the copyright always, earn commission and it's the only time we take on artists. Artists are invited to submit their work through our website. Six artists with the most points are automatically shortlisted, while a further six are chosen by us.

If you have any questions, please use our live chat, or contact us here

What could I win?


Artists earn commission on every sale during the competition. It is also free to enter and you keep copyright of your work, always. We even add a link to your website or social, so voters, browsers and buyers can discover more of your work and brand. Occasionally, our buyers even find competition entries they want to stock in their shops, irrespective of if they win, so you may get lucky!


The 6 artists with the most points (see below) will be automatically shortlisted. We appreciate not all artists have a strong social media presence, so to give artists equal opportunity, we choose an additional 6 artists to shortlist.

All 12 shortlisted artists will win £100-worth of products with their designs, using our Bespoke Service.


Artists in 1st to 3rd place will be invited to join Wraptious, where we will develop a range to launch on You will also be proudly promoted by us for at least a year, interviewed for our blog and appear in the Industry Trade Press.

1st PLACE:

The winning artist will additionally win a Canon EOS 400D DSLR Camera + Lens, worth £300! 

How do we vote?

Once an artist has uploaded their entries, they will be available on our Wraptious Competition Page as as vegan-suede cushions and art prints. Artists can earn points from the moment their entries are uploaded:

  • SALES: Every sale = 100 points.
  • LIKES AND SHARES: Every like and share on Facebook = 1 point.
  • We will post all entries as cushions on our Facebook Page, and will email artists a link to their post. Voters are also welcome to like and share entries using the Facebook button on their entry pages. 

How does liking and sharing work?

Firstly, we will be posting all entries to our Facebook Page, and votes will count for simply sharing and liking this post. On artists' profile page, and also their entry pages, you will see two Facebook buttons - one for liking and the other for sharing the entries. Voters need to have a Facebook Account.

All likes and shares are counted. We encouraging everyone to share and shout about their favourite entries!

Marketing Tools to help you:

We have created marketing images to help artists promote their work in Instagram and Facebook. In Artists' private area, you will find a link to your public profile page. All unique product images will be available to download. We have also created marketing images for each of your products which will be available to download in your private area.

How do I vote for my friend?

Every sale your friend makes of a cushion or print, earns them 100 points and commission. On their profile and entry pages, you will also see Facebook Like and Share buttons. Every like and share of their pages earns 1 point.  

How is my copyright affected?

You keep ownership and copyright of all work, always. Simples.

What is the commission?

Not only is the competition free to enter, but you can earn money from every sale you make!

  • 45cm Cushion = £1.00
  • 60cm Cushion = £1.50
  • Floor Cushion = £3.00
  • 20cm Square Print = £1.00
  • 30cm Square Print = £1.50
  • 40cm Square Print = £2.00

This is less than what we pay our artists because all competition products are made to order which costs us more, while we also offer subsidised shipping which eats further into our costs. We also take sustainability seriously - learn more here

What are the Image Specifications?

  • Maximum 5 entries per artist.
  • Artwork must be a jpg, square, and a minimum of 2400 pixels wide.
  • RGB at 300dpi.
  • We create the product mockups, you just need to upload the flat artwork.

Key Dates

  • Entries can be submitted between Tuesday 14th July and Monday 27th July.
  • Voting continues til Sunday 2nd August.
  • The shortlist will be announced on Tuesday 4th August.
  • The winners will be announced on Monday 10th August.
  • All entries will remain online til Sunday 16th August.
  • Commission payments will be made by 15th September.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my image is too small? 
    It is really important that the image is large enough so that your work looks awesome when printed on large products, otherwise it will look blurred or pixelated. If you find your work is too small, we'd recommend checking that you are scanning / photographing at the highest resolution by checking your scanner / phone / camera settings. You may also find that some image editing software may reduce the size too, so if editing your work please be careful not to reduce the resolution before uploading to our competition.
  • When will my work be uploaded? 
    As soon as possible. We receive a lot of entries - which is amazing - but it takes a little time to upload all your work. Once uploaded, your will receive an email, so keep a look out in your inbox.
  • What if I don't have a Facebook Account?
    Unfortunately we need voters to have a Facebook Account so that we can make sure that all voting is fair. However, points are also generated by sales. We are also aware not everyone has a Facebook account - therefore only half the shortlisted artists are selected via points, with the other half chosen by us. This makes it fair for all artists who do not have Facebook.
  • Can we share on Instagram?
    Yes! You can share your entries on Instagram, and we have even provided some marketing images to help you promote your work. Unfortunately due to the way Instagram works, we are unable to count points from Instagram. 

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Entries cannot knowingly be licensed with other companies, but third party sites like Society6, RedBubble and Etsy are fine.
  • It is the Artist's responsibility to make sure no copyright has been broken.
  • By submitting entries, you allow us to email you periodically with competition progress. You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time.
  • All commission payments will be made before 15th September.
  • If you would like us to remove your entries at any time, no problem. Please contact us.
  • Please note, competition products are non-refundable. The unique nature of these items being made to order, means they cannot be resold, so we are unable to accept returns on them.
  • Wraptious has the right to amend these rules at any time. 


Visit our competition page.