Competition Closed. Thank you to EVERYONE who entered. Wonderful entries! We've still got 100+ to process - please bare with us.

Time to get creative! Kids and parents too...! 

We're looking for some new tea towel designs to add to our collection online. Anyone can give it a go, whether you're 9 or 90, we'd love to see your design. A fun project for the family!

Sadly, due to the lockdown we cannot accept orders right now, but we're still going ahead with the competition so our community can have some fun! We will keep all competition designs online until the lockdown is over, so that anyone who wishes to purchase a tea towel can do so when we're back up and running. 

The winning 3 tea towels will have a place on our website for 6 months after the coronavirus lockdown is over, and you'll feature in our blog and social about our winners!

Artists receive £1 commission per sale. This is 10% of the ex-vat price, which is the same as what all our artists receive, for fairness. Copyright remains with the artist, always.

We have 3 Categories for entries:
Young Artists (12 and under), Teens (13-17), and Adults (18+)

Entry Deadline: Sunday 29th March. Entries remain online until after coronavirus lockdown. 


  1. Design your own tea towel. Have a printer at home? Download our tea-towel template HERE which can be printed on A4 paper. Don't have a printer? Just make sure the design is 72x44cm or equivalent ratio. 
  2. If the design has been created by hand, photograph or scan the artwork so you can send it to us. Any file format is ok!
  3. One entry per person.
  4. Email your entry to, and include a) Artist Name, b) Age Group, and c) Paypal Address for Commission Payment. For under 18s, please include the paypal address of your parent or guardian. 
  5. We'll upload your entry and email you when it is live! Please allow 24 hours.

 Get creative! 

Download Template