Our Wraptious Competition 2017!



The competition has begun! We are on the hunt for a new artist to join Wraptious; but why should you do it? Here's five helpful facts that might swing it for you...

1) The winner gets to join our company! That means your work will be added to our website, and will be accessible for all our retail customers to buy. If that goes well, you'll be added to our trade site, which means the shops who stock us will have the option to choose your designs too. And we are stocked in over 200 shops in the UK! Plus, we'll be taking your work to the Harrogate Home and Gift Show - so you'll be seen by potential new trade customers too.

2) We treat our artists fairly. Our focus is on supporting emerging artists, not screwing them over. You'll get a percentage of every design we sell and all the benefits of being publicised through our company. Many of our artists have their own businesses on the side - Wraptious competition winner Laura Clamp was actually able to start her own card company as a result of the exposure she gained from Wraptious (and her cards are very cool)

3) We're open and honest about everything we do. If there's a problem, we'll deal with it! We want your time at Wraptious to the best it can be, and we'll always support you as much as we can.

4) There's benefits even if you don't win. ALL of our entries are available to buy from our website for the length of the competition, and everyone gets 25% of any sales they make. Plus, we include a link to your art website, and all the artwork is shared on our facebook page. 

5) Still undecided?  Don't take it from us!  Let our current artists explain how joining Wraptious has worked for them...


Go on. Do it.

Head to our competition page https://www.wraptious.com/collections/competition-page

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